The Groundswell DJ Collective taps a deep musical archive and spins
tasteful, transgenerational beat driven music. We will keep the party going for as long as it takes to say our name. Formed in Seattle's University District in 1999, the Groundswell DJ Collective continues to provide dance music with depth across the Northwest.
I wear glasses with black frames because, as an academic, drummer and DJ, I attend to rhythmic music with a neurotic and highly stylized focus. Although, like Woody Allen and Groucho Marx before me, I abide by the belief that I wouldn't belong to any club that would have me as a member, the Groundswell DJ Collective is a rare exception to this rule.
Handsome Boy Modeling School is the best sixty dollars I ever spent. If it wasn't for Prince Paul and Automator I would not have been DJing with my best bud for the last twelve years. I also would not have aspirations to produce - and write about music - as a profession for the rest of my life... and DJ of course. If you got sixty dollars left in your pocket, go to Handsome Boy Modeling School.

Music also happens to be both my passion and my primary hobby. If I'm not playing the guitar or saxophone in my free time, I'm listening to new music and cataloguing it (in several ways). That way my DJ ready library is able to expand and refine perpetually. I'm not sure if Handsome Boy Modeling school actually had anything to do with any of this - although most of the tracks do get at least four stars in my library. However, if you have sixty dollars left in your pocket and can't get Prince Paul or Automator, you should get the Groundswell DJCollective. You won't be sorry for long...